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    If you’re just in a casual relationship with someone you have no intention of spending your life with, it’s probably not important to mention religion at all, unless a night of no-strings-attached sex is followed by a “Hey, want to go to church with me? Do you want your partner to attend open rituals with you?Does he want you to go to church with him on Sundays? If you have them, what sort of spiritual upbringing will they have?In many mixed-faith relationships, the goal is often just respect and understanding.In other words, your spouse doesn’t have to believe the same as you, but they do need to respect your choice to believe differently from them.I've known a few "inter-religion"couples, and never known it end well (mostly due to families hating each other and in worst case scenarios being disowned) therefore a few questions; Can it work from the point of view of just the couple? , assume they are both deeply into their respective religions? muslim woman with a christian man which is forbid in Islam but does anyone know a couple like this? So you’re Wiccan or Pagan and your spouse/partner/lover/significant other/fiancé is ... Is there a way the two of you can manage to find balance? Fact is, in every relationship there are things that couples may not agree on. While you don’t have to nod your head and say, “Why, of course your religion is better than mine, how silly of me,” you do have to find some sort of compromise.Or are you doomed to a lifetime of worrying whether every little disagreement will end with someone throwing out the “Oh yeah? Here are some tips on ways to make things a bit easier when you’re married to/engaged to/dating someone of a different faith than your own.

    Rather than fighting a lifetime of difficulties, as he puts it, Silverstein advises Jewish youth to hold fast to their roots and to make efforts to build a larger network of Jewish friends.

    For hours, you've sat entranced, unwilling to give the slightest nod to others in the restaurant. We want to get out there and experience new things."That's what concerns Rabbi Alan Silverstein, author of "It All Begins With a Date: Jewish Concerns About Intermarriage." "Once casualdating even unwittingly transforms into romantic love, it may be too late to reverse this perilous process.

    "There are issues that we disagree on," says Alli, "so when we see his family, we do things their way.

    ) Anyone know a couple who are open about it, to both their families?

    You and your date are sitting in a corner booth, laughing over a clever joke. And when we're with my family, we do things our way."Although Alli has grown up in a Jewish home and has attended both Torah and Hebrew schools, she points out that her faith community is small. We've known the guys since we were little, so we wouldn't date one of them.

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